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About Us

Nebraska Screw Press (NSP) is a rapidly expanding oilseed processing system provider which has developed out of the biodiesel industry and the need for the decentralization of vegetable oil supplies. NSP is committed to providing as much or as little as is needed for the successful development of oilseed facilities using a variety of oil bearing seeds and materials. NSP works with a number of equipment suppliers to ensure customers get the right system for their needs and budgets, but is partnered primarily with Goyum Screw Press based out of Ludhiana, India. Goyum was selected as a primary supplier based on their experience and their quality products produced within an efficient family business environment. Goyum itself is the export oriented division of Simplex Oil Machinery which has been producing oil expellers for the Indian market over the past three decades. Having traveled to India several times to inspect facilities and installations, NSP is proud to be the exclusive importer of Goyum oilseed preparatory and processing equipment in the US, central and South American markets.

NSP is based in Lyons, Nebraska where it maintains its' business office, 20TPD demo line and warehousing of equipment and spare parts. Oilseed research and development is also being undertaken there and research opportunities are being pursued.

Company Focus

The future of renewable diesel depends on folks being able to generate their oil input from the raw materials that store the sun's energy in these long chains. Increased production of the higher oil bearings seeds can accomplish much and novel feedstocks like algae, insects and others will become increasingly important to expand the current available pool of new carbon based oils. NSP will strive to ensure our customers have the appropriate tools to process any current or future feedstock.

The focus of NSP is to design oilseed processing systems that will work efficiently from the farm to the factory using multitude of oilseed crops and energy inputs. To be successful, each facility should be unique in order to leverage the strengths of each application. NSP is not just an equipment dealer, we step back and gather in the big picture so that the customer can make informed decisions regarding oilseed processing. NSP can simply provide equipment to a customers specification, support a customer in the project design phase or provide total technical support to any aspect of an oilseed processing project. With experience in permitting, marketing, fund raising, grant writing, oil refining, biodiesel process technology reviews, etc. NSP is able to provide total project support if needed.


NSP realizes that while the rotary screw press is not new, there are many new ways these systems may be best utilized. We do not pride ourselves in the cookie cutter approach and numbers of standard units sold, we achieve success through finding the appropriate technology for each application which will enable our customers to best achieve their goals. We have partnered with a number of equipment suppliers with tremendous experience in the industry and feel very comfortable with this team.

While the process of squeezing oil out of seeds is not new, it is seeing a resurgence in the US. Before WWII, oilseed pressing using batch type, hydraulic presses were not uncommon on farms. It was the expansion of the solvent extraction technology using hexane that squeezed these small producers out of business. This industry consolidation has placed the vast majority of the new carbon vegetable oils in the hands of the few, to what we see today. Further, the batch type crusher using plates are long gone, continuous feed, rotary screw presses have replaced the older type units. With gear reductions and hardened pressing worms, todays' rotary screw presses are a far cry from the old technology and with the crude oil being as attractively priced as it is, crush margins are more lucrative than they have ever been before.

While NSP uses technology that has been proven around the world for many years in equipment, we do concentrate on applying this technology in new and innovative ways which benefit our customers bottom line.


It is no secret that all of the new carbon fats and oils currently produced could only replace 15% of current petroleum diesel consumption nationally, it is therefore critical that the industry undertake projects that will look to boost the feedstock pool for renewable fuels, including biodiesel.

To this end, NSP is involved with a number of current and future projects that will focus on the practical matters that arise when novel feedstocks are grown, processed and converted into fuels. These will include renewable diesel feedstocks as well as exploring the ethanol/ renewable diesel linkage and gasification technologies.

Our research will not be the white lab coat type of research, but the methodical utilization of actual systems and equipment in ways that will expand our understanding of the research goal. When we do research, we get dirty!


NSP brings to the table a wealth of experience from our partners and has developed a tremendous working knowledge of these systems at all scales of production. If we cannot find the answers we can find those who can. Please give us a call and we can show you how our knowledge and experience can benefit your project.