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Goyum 1500 Large Capacity Expeller

Goyum 1500

We are very proud of our large capacity expellers to serve the high capacity requirements of our clients. Made of high quality material, these are available in different grades and specifications and are suitable for heavy duty applications. We are capable to manufacture large capacity expellers in specifications as required by our clients. The Goyum 1500 can process 50 tons per day for single/final crushing or 150 tons per day as a pre-press for oilseeds containing 30 percent or more oil.

This model has been designed with a simple and symmetrical shape. It has a triple reduction gear box with helical gears of cast steel and pinion shafts of special steel. The gearbox is aligned with all the bodies on a single fabricated base. There are three chambers of cast steel, vertically hinged, each 36 inches long. Cake thickness can be adjusted on a running machine. Worm assembly, discharge ring, compression ring are all hard faced welded. Main worm shaft can be withdrawn without disturbing the gear box. The shaft is water cooled. Crammer shaft for extra cramming of the seed or cake in the feed body is completely supported on bearings.

For more information, download the following:
Goyum 1500 features (PDF)
Goyum 1500 details (PDF)

Goyum 1500    
Power Consumption: 3-phase 170 hp motor -1440 rpm (expeller)
3-phase 25 hp motor - 1440 rpm (kettle)


5 Stage - 66" Dia.
Steam jackets for efficient cooking of seed.
Pipe fitting contains safety valve, steam spray pipes, pressure gauges, steam stop valves, steam traps.
Exhaust fan is also provided to extract excess steam or moisture from cooking chambers.
Kettle is supported separately on a fabricated structure.

High Capacity: 140 to 150 Ton (In 24 Hours) in pre-pressing and 50-60 Ton in Single & Final crushing (Capacity differs with material density & quantity of oil in the seed.)  

Expeller Dimensions
Length Width Height
5500mm (18'3") 1380mm (4'6") 1980mm (6'6")

Kettle Dimensions

Length Width Height
2140mm (7') 2140mm (7') 3810mm (12'6")
Machine Weight (Approx.)
Kettle Structure
15 Ton 5.5 Ton 1.5 Ton