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Oil Expeller Spares

Our company is a well-known manufacturer of oil expeller spares. We offer our clients accurately engineered oil expeller spares with a wide variation. Our range of oil expeller spares are available in different specifications, sizes and capacities to suit clients needs and the industries related to them.

These spares are made from high grade and top quality materials and engineered in order to give excellent performance and durability while providing long service life. Because we perform the basic manufacturing, our range of oil expeller spares are available at competitive prices. The oil expeller spares are summarized as under with their short description.

NSP Tokul and Komet Solid Shaft Screw Presses

Materials Used: 1.4121 SS, 1.4125 SS, 1.2379 SS and 51420 CHROME NICKEL We source our materials from a German-Turkish joint venture which is known worldwide for top quality products. See birlesikmetal.com.tr.

We perform a heating and hardening process that subjects components to 1030-1050 C temperatures (depending on material) and reheated after cooling to 150 C. Final processing includes coating with nickel phosphate to increase durability.

We maintain an inventory of our high quality replacement parts that are kept stocked in our Nebraska facility. Nebraska Screw Press is the authorized North American source for this equipment manufactured by www.tokultarim.com. These parts are also interchangeable with your Komet DD series press head and use harder steel.

Contact us for references, pricing and further information regarding your next project.

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Filter: 600 USD
Screw mill: 400 USD
Manson: 150 USD
Star: 250 USD
Nozzle: 50 USD (5 different sizes)
Ceramic ring heater: 200 USD

*Prices do not include shipping and are subject to change without notice.

Hard Faced Worm

Our company offers hard faced worm spares in single or multi starts. Basically used for seed crushing, the hard faced worm is available in mild and alloy steel. Our company also has the customization facilities for our valuable clients to provide custom solutions, as per their specifications.

Our range of hard faced worm are engineered to give high level of durability, reliability and long life. Using EN-8 as their raw material, these hard faced worms are then hardened with welding rods to give the best performance. Our company offers a wide range of hard faced worms with varied specification.

Rose Down Gear Box


We also supply the rosedown gear box, which is well suited for the oil expeller spares. This box is specially designed for our oilseed applications. Especially made for Exceoil and Maxoil expellers, this gear box is made to replace the worm and worm wheel gear box if required. Also, this gear boxes can be fitted on Exceoil and Maxoil expellers without any changes because the centers and center distances are same.

Our range of gear boxes can be used by installing it with forced lubrication oil system, in accordance with necessary control and monitor devices for pressure and temperature. Providing the necessary amount of oil to various gear meshes and bearings results in smooth and trouble free operation.

Our range of rosedown gear boxes are available with angular drive, which are fitted with bevel and helical gears. This rosedown gear box is available in the ratio of 6:1. We also offer customization facilities to our existing and proposed clients keeping in view their needs and requirements.

Bronze Wheel  

We also manufacture bronze wheels, which are used in the gear box. Our range of bronze wheels are perfectly designed and manufactured by us to fulfill the needs of the oilseed industry. These wheels are used in oil mills to give the customers the best possible solution for their processing needs. Our range of bronze wheels are available in different specifications, sizes and capacities to suit the clients needs.

These wheels are made from high grade and top quality materials to ensure excellent long life performance and durability of the wheels.

Hard Faced Worm & Cone Point  

Our company also offers hard faced core point in various specifications. These are engineered and manufactured to give our customers durability of the product with long service life.

Having an application area in various industries, these hard faced worms and cone points are used for machine screws. The cone points are made from high quality, hard metals and use EN-8 as raw material. These are hard faced with special welding rods.

Our range of hard faced cone points are available in different sizes and capacities. We also offer customization capabilities to our customers as per their requirements.

Case Hardened Worms  

We also offer a wide range of case hardened worms, which are specifically designed for the oil milling industry. These worms are made from high quality metals, which include EN-8 as their raw material. Our range of case hardened worms will provide durability and long life.

Further, we also offer customization capabilities to our valuable clients and can manufacture these worms in standard as well as on customersÕ individual specifications. We believe in delivering a top quality engineered product to our clients that exceeds their expectations.

Cage Bar & Cage Bar Holder  

We are also engaged in the manufacturing of cage bars and cage bar holders. Earning a good name in the manufacturing of cage bar and cage bar holder over 30 years, our products have gained wide industry acceptance in the oil and related industries. We use EN-8 as our raw material for cage bars and cage bar holders. These are case hardened and hard faced to give them durability and long life.

Our range of products are available in various sizes and capacities. We also offer customization capabilities to our client so that they can use these products according to their needs and requirements.

Pulleys (E-Section)  

Our company is a well-known manufacturer of different types of pulleys (E-Section). These pulleys are used in oil expellers and also in the general industries. Our pulleys are made from C1 graded casting. Available in different sizes and sections, our pulleys are well known for their high quality and durability.

We also deal in customization of these pulleys. As per needs of the clients we can accommodate their specifications and provide products for their specific needs.

Cast Steel Chamber  

Goyum also manufactures the cast steel chambers, which are used in oil expellers and seed crushing. Using the mild steel as their raw material, these chambers have the pressure rating of 200 psig (14 bar) to 425¡F (218¡C) maximum with minimum specific gravity of 0.70.

Our range of cast steel chamber can be supplied with: 6" 316SS float rod * 2-1/2" x 4" 316SS float and 316SS trim

We also possess customization capabilities to our clients as per their needs and requirements.

Duplex Pump  

The Goyum filter press pump is a very basic and sturdy piece of equipment that is easy to use and requires little maintenance. These piston pumps utilize a basic plunger with a packing seal and inline check valves to provide high pressures and longevity. These types of plunger pumps are commonly used in the oil processing industry for small and medium size applications. Larger filter presses will utilize a centrifugal pump to provide the higher flow requirements of larger commercial applications.

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Gears & Pinions  

Our company is engaged in manufacturing of gears and pinions such as worm gears, bevel gears and others for various industries. We maintain international quality standards with our well-engineered gears and pinions. Basically used in oil-press gear boxes, these gears and pinions used EN-8, EN-24, EN-353, alloy and steel as their raw materials. We also use the raw material as per the customersÕ requirements.

Our range of gears and pinions have excellent heat distortion control, high strength, wear resistance properties for noiseless and vibration free operation. These are available in various sizes and capacities. Our customization capabilities can also provide our clients the gears and pinions they need as per their requirements.